About Us

Mission:  To assist teams and clubs to participate in the worlds best youth soccer tournaments.


Coach Fred Hsu, founder of the National Soccer Academy, has had over 25 years of international soccer touring travel experiences, leading thousands of participants (supporters, coaches, players) to the best events in Scandinavia and South America. The connections built has enabled very smooth running and successful tours that are customized to individual team needs.

Coaches and Managers can focus on training and team dynamics.
Enjoy the travel experiences.

Do not get bogged down by the often complicated travel arrangements to  new and unknown destinations.


Soccer Team Tours will

a. arrange necessary flights for your group and make provisions for individuals with travel deviations and/or using airline rewards.

b. arrange for all tournament entries.

c. arrange for all land travel between destinations.

d. arrange for optional sight seeing tours.

e. arrange for food and lodging for players and supporters.

f. arrange for training facilities.

g. arrange for cultural exchange opportunities.

h. help fill teams with players if necessary.

i. have tour guides to handle all travel related matters while on tour.